Possibly, The Next Big Disruption: Embedded Finance


What’s a super app?

What’s embedded finance?

The next big disruption

  1. Finance is disconnected. We shouldn’t have to put our money into one place to save, then another to invest, yet another to get a loan, and then access a completely different place to make a purchase. It’s beyond inefficient — it’s nonsensical.
  2. Wealth inequality has taken center stage. Consumer companies like Walmart and Nike have invested in wealth tech — they want to build an equitable future, where their target customers can afford their products.
  3. Traditional investing and banking models have been shaken. With an abundance of challengers storming the incumbents, consumers have started to put their trust and money in different places. Banks are focused on expanding and embedding more finance digitally and challengers will keep the pressure on.
  4. There are BILLIONS of dollars, doing nothing. For one example, 34 percent of the working American population is participating in the gig economy. These people are getting paid in-app or via some digitally connected service, like PayPal. Today, there’s no easy way to put that money to work.

What will embedded finance look like?

Why should we care?

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